SteamVR™ Outside-in Tracking course

first SteamVR™ outside-in tracking manual

As a safety measure, we provide flexible teaching locations,
which can be discussed in detail according to your team's needs.
Training duration: 4 classes in 4 days, 2.5-3 hours each.

Introduction & Simulation
know more about SteamVR
Build first prototypes
Calibration & Testing
make it perfect
How to get to MP
what is the point of MP?
Introduction & Simulation

Learn the introduction and skills of SteamVR, try prototyping, Then take the product concept into shape and create a tracking device that belongs to your team.

How to build first prototypes

In the meticulous course of the industry’s great masters, Explore the shape design, material color selection, sensor layout skills, etc. required for the birth of a cross-age product, Experience the magic and mystery of tracking technology.

Calibration& Testing

It’s not that difficult to develop amazing products. In-depth understanding of debugging and testing skills, so that your products will become more and more perfect.

How to get to MP

From design, debugging to mass production, With our professional blessing,
avoid detours and quickly and accurately present your creativity in the hands of customers and consumers.

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