SteamVR Tracking General Purpose HDK Reference Design (TL448K6D-GP-HDK)

品牌 Tundra Labs
型号 TL448K6D-GP-HDK

TL448K6D-GP-HDK is a General Purpose Hardware Development Kit (HDK) for prototyping SteamVR Tracked Devices.  

This flex includes the Tundra Labs TL448K6D-VR System in Package along with all of the necessary off module components.   This includes

  • 2.4GHz Antenna for wireless operation


  • SteamVR System Button

  • MP2667 1A Battery Charger & Power Path

  • BQ27421YZFR-G1A Gas Gauge

  • USB Type-C connector

  • 25 Triad TS4112 Rev B Optical Sensors

    • Compatible with both Valve Gen 1 and Gen 2 Tracking

  • 25pin FPC connector for Input/Output (IO) expansion.

Click here for Datasheet

The TL448K6D-GP-HDK has been designed with convenience and cost in mind.   Unlike previous HDK generations, this kit is build on a single 2 Layer polyimide flex.   By having all components on one flex, the need for sensor connectors is eliminated.   This simplification in connectors not only reduces cost but it also means that accidentally unplugging sensors during assembly is a thing of the past.   The single flex approach also means that each optical sensor can be definitively labeled in large readable font.   This is extremely helpful when assembling tracked prototypes.

This Single Flex assembly construction of this HDK is enabled by use of the TL448K6D-VR System in package (SIP).   Since this SIP encapsulates all of the complex system routing and has a highly optimized pin out for signal routing on very low layer count carrier boards (as little as 2 layers).RoutingExample.png

This TL448K6D-GP-HDK also features a simplification of the the battery management circuits.   This reduction results in less required layout area, simplified layout and less required components.   This all occurs without compromises in support of rechargeable battereis or overall system efficiency without battery power.

The 25pin IO connector has a number of IO expansion pins for connection of   Haptics, Buttons, Thumbstick(s), Trackpad,, Finger sensors or any other device.   This is made possible with a SPI expansion port that interfaces to a customer supplied microcontroller for data exchange.   It is also possible to attach traditional controller IO’s directly to the TL448K6D-VR module for operation without a peripheral microcontroller.AnnotatedHDKFlex.png