2021-03-15 19:34

Let's Tundra!

Thank you for all the survey responses! We deeply appreciate all the feedback!

Prices & Community Packages for the Tundra Tracker

This was the question that everyone asked and we think it is time to provide an answer! We have decided to release this officially today. We thank you for your patience while we had worked our the various costs variations and cost structure.  

And some of you asked if we will sell the Wireless Dongle by itself? YES!

We listened to you and you can buy additional dongles if you require. But this will only be while stocks last.


Here are some early samples from our vendors and suppliers of accessories. Thanks our "Wonder Woman" Zoe for gathering these us and taking all the pictures of the accessories. You can see hand straps, leg straps, waist carrying cases and USB-C cables. We will confirm the final accessories nearer to launch date.

From the community survey, @BOLL7708 had a great suggestion about stickers for every Tundra Trackers, we have considered and that will be included for all backers!


These accessories will be provided to early backers, free with our 3-5-7 Tracker Community Packages. There is no stretch goals required for the early backers to get these accessories!

We sincerely hope that accessories like these will make life easier for our backers! We have also heard your feedback in the survey, and we will offer useful accessories/options from partners and merchants, for you to purchase together with the Tundra Trackers.


Being certified! Technical work continues......

Our technical work continues and one of the next big milestone, is to obtain certification for various territories / geographies. By September, we would have certification for major EU countries, USA, UK, Japan, Korea and more. This will ensure that Tundra Trackers adhere to all the major safety requirements globally.


Finally, a couple of things.....

If you don't already know, Tundra now has an operating arm in China and also a marketing arm in Japan.

If you are in China/ASEAN/Korea, you can send email and expect replies from Tundra China zoe.young@n7r.info and wechat ID is: n7r_zoe or tundratracker. If you are in Japan, please send email to miyu@tundra-labs.com or follow the twitter account @tundra_labs_jp

Lastly, we at Tundra Labs want to thank the VR community for supporting our journey to making this community project a reality. Your feedback has been extremely precious and our team has replied to almost every one of the survey emails that left a feedback. We want to especially give kudos to @OlivierJT_SU from synthesisuniverse.com. Your valuable feedback and advise is treasured.We have made some new friends and our team appreciates the love from the community. Thank you!