Triad TS4231 2nd Gen laser tracking IC

品牌 Triad Semiconductor
型号 TS4231

The TS4231 is Triad’s second generation Light-to-Digital Converter IC. The TS4231 contains all of the features of the TS3633 while adding a DATA output pin that tracks the modulated light carrier input. The TS4231 also includes a two-wire bus that shares the D/E output of the device to provide for configuration of the device and provides the ability to dynamically put the device in a power savings mode. The TS4231 is fully compatible with Valve Corporation’s SteamVR® Tracking System.

The addition of the DATA output pin means that higher bit-rate digital data can be communicated from an optical source such as a SteamVR Tracking base station to the TS4231. This higher speed digital link opens up the capability of using more than two base stations. Multiple base stations installations are useful for digital out of home experiences, arcades, “house-scale” tracking, and non-VR tracking applications such as warehouse-scale or grocery-store-scale tracking.