TundraTracker进度简报第三期/TundraTracker newsletter 3

2021-03-05 23:31



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我们已经采购了Tundra Tracker生产所需的零件,小零件们会陆续在本月运送到位,我们在9月中旬之前完成所有Kickstarter订单的目标在按部就班顺利筹备中!除此以外,一切顺利的筹备也让我们有能力为我们早期的Kickstarter支持者提供Tundra Tracker(数量非常有限)!3-1 (1).jpg

Tundra团队目前主要在做两件事:首先,我们正在完成Tundra Tracker的生产设计,一些收尾、CAD设计和较小的硬件修改,并顺利进入到了目前的DVT-2阶段。 其次,我们的大牛工程师正在努力解决无线加密狗,并使其尽快投入生产,以便我们的用户可以为每个加密狗连接1-7个设备。 USB头疼的日子已经一去不复返了!









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同时也想了解大家对Tundra Tracker的需求。如果您有任何意见、反馈、或者建议请随时联系Team Tundra。

您的支持是Team Tundra最重要的资产,没有大家就没有Tundra!请留下您宝贵的意见和建议,点击下方的按钮进入问卷。


One more thing!!

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March 4th,

Tundra Tracker

Counting down to the Kickstarter launch on 3/29!!

Hey community! We missed you! We want to hear from you!

Update on parts and ongoing works

Great news folks! Orders for parts to build Tundra Tracker, which we have placed, are streaming in this month and it looks like we are in a good place with this! Our target of fulfilling all Kickstarter orders by mid-end September is still on track! We will also have the ability to fulfill a very limited quantity of Tundra Trackers for our early Kickstarter backers!

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With regards to ongoing works, we are currently doing 2 things mainly; Firstly, we are finalizing the production design of Tundra Tracker, some clean-up, CAD designs and minor hardware changes will be incorporated into our next DVT-2 phase. That DVT-2 phase is happening now and we will update the community as we progress. Secondly, our best engineers are at work trying to tackle the wireless dongle and getting it to be production ready ASAP, so that our users can connect 1-7 devices per dongle. Gone are the days of USB headaches! As above, we will keep the community updated through our website, email, Twitter, blog and Wechat too!

We would like to hear from you! Tell us on our Tundra Tracker Community Survey!

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We would really love to have your opinions and also understand more about your needs on the Tundra Tracker. Please also tell us more if you have feedback/opinions or suggestions for Team Tundra.

The community is our most important asset. Without you, Team Tundra would not exist! Your views are precious to us and we appreciate every single one of them! Click on the button below to start the survey